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Ty Garner needs your help today! Ty Renner - Accident Recovery - While snow skiing on Saturday 2/17 (his birthday) at Mammoth Mountain, Ty was hit by an out of control skier and was sent sliding down the mountain on his chest and into a patch of trees really fast.

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Ty Pennington
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29 Oct 2003

Ty's Tricks is a great book. This book is written by author Ty Pennington. You can read the Ty's Tricks book on our website merchantnavymemorialtrust.org.uk in any convenient format!

From the beloved and sexy carpenter on The Learning Channel's Trading Spaces comes a creative, fun, and practical how-to book for home repair and improvement projects. Home improvement heartthrob Ty Pennington fuses carpentry with style in this practical and inspirational how-to book for tackling household projects both large and small--from decorating to home repair. Pennington shares the expertise gained from his years of experience as one of the carpenters on The Learning Channel's Trading Spaces and as a home renovation pro to create an accessible guide to eclectic decorating and renovation. Ty gives readers a sneak peek at some of the projects he's done in his own home and shows how they can be recreated. He also gives readers the lowdown on great tools--and provides a list of his favorite cheap and easy ways to transform any room. Filled with helpful tips, this inspirational book will help readers to explore their own personal style while building their confidence at the same time. It is a one-of-a-kind, fun, user-friendly guide, from a trusted and admired source.

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